Our Journey

Church of the Rock was founded in 1987 by Pastor Mark and Kathy Hughes. The initial fledgling congregation of 25 people occupied a vacant church building on Grant Avenue for the first year. As attendance grew, the congregation bounced from one rented facility to another in the south end of Winnipeg.

In 1999 the church bought the former Consumers Distributing building on Pembina Hwy. This proved to be an ideal location being on a major bus route and having great visibility. The church grew rapidly, going from single to double to triple and eventually quadruple Sunday services.

It was also at that time that the church purchased television production equipment and began broadcasting Pastor Mark’s messages on air. Year by year the television program gained popularity and today is broadcast on secular television stations in every major city in Canada and is seen in parts of Europe and the Middle East.

In 2002, having outgrown the Pembina Hwy location, Church of the Rock purchased 1397 Buffalo Place. A former cable and wire factory, the building has had ample room to accommodate the multitude of church ministries and still has immense potential for future development. October 6, 2013, marks the launch of our second Winnipeg location, which holds services at the Bronx Park Community Centre at 720 Henderson Hwy, and in January of 2014 we went live with Church of the Rock Online.  

Church of the Rock has experienced exceptional growth as many people have found Christ through the ministries of the church. From the beginning, we were determined to be a relational, biblically-based congregation of believers—a church where people, of ethnic, socio-economic, or denominational background would feel welcome.

This approach seems to have resonated with many, and as a result, the church has become a multi-ethnic congregation where well over 2,000 people from every continent gather to worship and fellowship together.

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