Preschool - Age 2 to Age 4

We know preschoolers love to learn, and so our classes are designed to provide interactive learning experiences. Your children are taught God's Word in an engaging atmosphere. We want to help each child learn what it means to be a devoted follower of Christ in a way they can understand.

Elementary - Kindergarten to Grade 4

Our elementary-aged kids will be a part of a Large Group/Small Group experience.

During large group time your child will hear, see, taste, and be a part of God's Big Story. Each month we focus on a virtue (peace, honesty, honour, gratitude, trust, etc.) and are intentional about teachign it in a high energy, creative and relevant way.

Your child will be assigned to a small group, and it's here where they will have an opportunity to take what they heard in large group and learn how to apply that to their own life. It's during small group time, as well, that kids make friends and get connected with a committed, consistent leader.

Collide 5/6 - Grades 5-6 (Winnipeg South & Bronx Park)

Collide 5/6 FUELS PASSION in the heart of a student! Kids meet every Sunday in the youth room, where they will have a great experience hanging out and learning together with other kids. The leaders are pumped about helping to leverage the faith of these students.

The curriculum we use on Sundays is called XP3. The XP3 curriculum is designed to leave kids with the lasting understanding that:

  • I am created to pursue an authentic relationship with my Creator
  • I belong to Jesus Christ and define who I am by what He says.
  • I exist every day to demonstrate God’s love to a broken world.

Joshua's Friends - Special Needs

Kidz Rock does not have a separate program for children with special needs, but we do want to work to accommodate your child if possible.

If you child has needs that we are not able to meet with our regular team of volunteers, after completing a "Joshua's Friends" application form, we will look for a one-on-one buddy for your child. Until a buddy is found, you are encouraged to stay with your child during the class.