Frequently Asked Questions

What is the music like?

We believe that our time with God should be a joyful experience and that all who attend would feel free to participate as they are most comfortable. Our praise and worship includes both high energy/upbeat music and more reflective songs.

What are the sermons like?

The weekly message is filled with practical life applications and sprinkled with humour; each message is delivered in a biblically relevant manner and will help you deal with the real everyday issues of life. What you learn on the weekend you will be able to draw upon throughout the week.

Is there something for my children?

After praise and worship the younger members of our congregation are invited to join the classes for their age group. Children are provided with a SAFE and FUN environment within which to learn about the Lord. A check-in/paging system is in place for your convenience and peace of mind. You may also stay with your child until he/she is comfortable. For greater detail on what Church of the Rock offers for your children from birth to Junior High, click on the links under MINISTRIES --> NEXT GENERATION.

What should I wear?

When you visit us you will find people wearing whatever they are comfortable in. We are much more interested in your connecting with the church and finding a place to facilitate your spiritual needs than what you wear. We are a casual group so "come as you are" and you will fit right in.

What is the Hospitality Center?

At our Winnipeg South Campus many people enjoy lingering after the service. This proves to be an excellent time to meet new people. When you visit, plan to join us at the hospitality center in the main foyer for coffee and conversation.

When you visit our Bronx Park Campus, come early to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee at the HobNobs Cafe before the service. This is a great spot for connecting and visiting. 

Assistive Listening System (Winnipeg South Campus)

We have an assistive listening system to help people who have a hearing impariment.  When you visit our Winnipeg South Campus, please approach the sound desk in the center of the auditorium to sign out your receiver and headphones. Please bring identification with you.

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