Home Groups

Summer Break!

Our home groups will resume in September, but in the meantime please check out the events calendar for classes and other summer activities being offered.

If you would like to start or host a new group this fall, please contact Larissa at the church office.

We are Better Together!

We want everyone who attends Church of the Rock to enjoy the benefits of a Home Group, for we believe that life-change happens best when we share meaningful relationships with fellow believers. We truly are Better Together!  

What is a Home Group?

Over fifty times in the New Testament the phrase "one another" is used to describe our relationship to other believers. We are instructed to love one another, encourage one another, pray for one another, accept one another, bear one another's burdens, and build up one another.

Within a Home Group is where you can do just that. This is a place where you can be real and vulnerable, a place to grow and encourage others to grow into fully committed followers of Jesus Christ. Home Groups are where we study God's Word, pray, worship and enjoy close friendships... together.

Home Groups meet regularly in someone's home, generally consist of 8 to 12 people and can be a mixture of ages and marital status. Some groups are composed of those who enjoy a specific affinity or who serve together in a specific ministry. There are even groups designed especially for young adults and families. Whatever the reason for getting together, we have one thing in common—a desire for friendships, caring for others and being cared for.

What a great way to share God's love for each other... join a Home Group today!

How do I join?

The Home Group Leaders you'll find using the links under "Find a Home Group" (on the right sidebar of this page) would love to hear from you.  Why not give them a call and ask them about their group?

The next step would be to attend one of their weekly meetings as a visitor.  We've all been in that place of trying to find a group that "fits" and we understand that you might want to visit a few different groups before you decide which group will be your Home Group. The doors are open, so please come on in!

[NOTE: If you are attending one of our weekend services at either Fort Garry Campus or Bronx Park Campus, please stop by Group Link to pick up our latest list of groups. Not all of our groups advertise online, so we may have more options for you there.]

Can we start a new group?

If you are interested in hosting or leading a new group, please contact Larissa at the church office: larissa@churchoftherock.ca / 204-261-0070 ext. 244 (Mon-Thurs).