Meet Our Staff


Pastor Mark Hughes

Pastor Mark and Kathleen Hughes founded Church of the Rock in 1987. Both grew up in Winnipeg, MB, and they have three children.

Pastor Keith Eberhard

Pastor Keith Eberhard and his wife, Susan, joined the church in 1994 after pastoring for 14 years in Canora, SK. Keith and Susan have four children.

Pastor Aubrey Krahn

Pastor Aubrey Krahn  and his wife, Eileen, joined the church in 2001 after pastoring for 11 years in Newton, MB. Aubrey and Eileen have two children.


Pastor Tim Hamm
Jr. Youth/Online Church Pastor

Pastor Steve Hoffman
Associate Pastor

Pastor Graham Hunt
Campus Pastor, Bronx Park


Pastor Duane Masters
Associate Pastor

Pastor Danny McVeigh
Campus Pastor, Winnipeg West

Pastor Jason Peters
Campus Pastor, North End


  • High School Ministry - Mathew Povey
  • Inner-City Outreach - Vijoy Simon
  • Kidz Rock Director - Alfie Neumann
  • Kidz Rock Coordinator (Wpg South) - Gwen D'Ottavio
  • North End Outreach Director - Harrison Davey
  • North End Community Life Director - Nancy Braun
  • Volunteer Coordinator (Wpg South) - Kathy Hughes
  • Worship Director - Derek Zeilstra
  • Young Adults & Singles Director - Danica Hughes


  • Accounting Manager - Wendy Croker
  • Campus Coordinator, Bronx Park - Joanne Ogilvie
  • Campus Coordinator, North End - Alisha Maine
  • Campus Coordinator, Winnipeg West - Sharlene Yarish
  • Facilities Coordinator (Winnipeg South) - Carol Bergen
  • HR/Communication Manager - Donna Pushka 
  • Pastoral Assistants - Larissa BartosJoanne Schmidt, Joony Babu
  • Technical Director - Chuck Croker

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