Mens Ministry

Men’s Ministry is focused on building men to fulfill God’s calling for them to be spiritual leaders within their families. Through relationships, prayer groups, Bible studies, accountability groups, mentoring, and association, men will be challenged to seek more of God and to build a brotherhood of believers within the church. Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the men’s ministry wants to equip the men of the church to “put on the whole armour that God gives you, so that you will be able to stand…” (Ephesians 6:11). Activities include men’s breakfasts and weekly fellowship groups.

Men of the Rock: 7:00 PM weekly in A2 (Fort Garry Campus).

Wednesday Night Men’s club is an evening for men only, an evening of fellowship as well as challenging thought and teaching.

  • It is a time to share your heart and struggles with your fellow men.
  • A time to pray and be prayed for.
  • A chance to encourage other men and receive encouragement.
  • An evening to grow closer to God while growing with your brothers in Christ.


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Church of the Rock - 2nd Annual Redneck Tailgate Party
It was an evening low on nutrition, high on energy and an abundance of strange smelling winds from regions unknown. The highlights of the evening were two of the largest slingshots known to man, forbidden food and the smell of burning rubber as various cars and motor bikes raced. Oh ya....and rows of old toilets standing out in the parking lot! With about 100 men and their boys showing up for the event, Roger Beaulieu, current head of COTR's men's ministry, was pleased with the turn out. “It's an evening designed to let men cut loose, eat the forbidden food they love, and have fun in true redneck style”. Whether it was playing horseshoes with toilet seats, or trying to hit target toilet bowls with water balloons and giant slingshots, a good time was had by everybody. Fire barrels burned in the background while souped up motorcycles and riding motors roared around the parking lot. Even the strong winds and rain couldn't dampen the spirit of competition to fire the farthest water balloon or drag race the RC cars and high speed motorbike. Among the race contenders...a Saturn sedan, a Harley, and even a Smart car. They tried their best to win but to no avail...maybe they'll have to try again next year with a new supercharger and some nitro! Model rockets were also ready to assemble and launch, but had to be canceled due to the weather. However, not before inspiring the imagination of a few younglings who ran off to assemble their rocket kits so they could launch it with their dad later. A few moons were seen as men pulled on the truck mounted water balloon slingshots so hard their seams almost burst. Since the boys were already wet, they made the best of it by trying to catch the water balloons being fired at the toilets in the parking lot. While many boys became the destination for a water balloon explosion, alas...not a single toilet got wet! Better bring those firing glasses next time guys! As the evening wound up, everybody pitched in to make short work of the large cleanup job that loomed ahead of the mens ministry team. Roger was pleased with the evening events and remarked: "This is how guys bond - eating lots of greasy food, making lots of noise and in the process getting to know each other. Best of all, our common bond is our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. It's great to get together en-masse and celebrate who we all are in Him. We'd do it more often, but it's safer for everyone involved to do it once a year!" Amen, brother!