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Our vision is to know God, live free and find purpose by connecting married couples with our team of godly couples who will guide them to grow in intimacy in their marriage that will leave them with a legacy of love for the next generations.

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Please watch our calendar for event dates as they come up or contact with any questions you may have.


Please watch our calendar for event dates as they come up or contact with any questions you may have.

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Please watch our calendar for event dates as they come up or contact with any questions you may have.


Contact: Pastor Steve & Sun Hoffman, Marriage Ministry Director
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Our Story

We met 25 years ago, and after a whirlwind 6 months courtship, we got married, quit our jobs and followed God’s call into ministry by going to seminary. But the first few years were very difficult for us, and through God’s help, mentors and hard work we were able to grow a strong marriage.

If we can do it, there is hope for everyone! We are passionate about marriage because we believe that it is the foundation for a strong family and that it is a great picture of Christ’s love for the church. Come join us as we walk with you to growing a strong marriage!

It’s worth the effort!

We believe in strong and growing marriages and want to encourage you every step of the way. If you would like an older married couple to mentor you in your marriage, we will connect you with trained mentors to mentor you using the marriage mentoring program.  If you would desire to mentor a younger couple, we would train you as well. We have over 100 couples who are involved in our marriage mentoring program.

We also offer marriage preparation courses for those preparing for marriage as well as marriage courses throughout the year.


 This is an e-mail we received from a couple who was interested in getting married at our church:

My fiancé and I would like to meet with you to discuss getting married. We are new Christians…my mom and sister were recently married in your church. Seeing the transformation in their lives has been very inspiring to us and has made us want to make the commitment to each other and God… We are in the process of making things right in our lives as new Christians.”

All 3 couples from this family have taken our premarriage course and a combination of mentoring and/or marriage classes at the church.  They all recently became Christians, and to see them doing life God’s way in getting married and learning what it means to be godly husbands and wives is truly inspirational.  It is wonderful to see a whole family become transformed by the love of God!

Time 4 Us Events

Marriage Preparation

Our Marriage Ministry team is ready to help prepare you for the most important relationship of your life! If you are engaged to be married, please contact Pastor Steve so he can connect with you about your next steps.


April 2, 2018 Marriage 911  

Marriage 911 is a group who will provide help, hope and harmony for married couples in crisis, even if your spouse is unwilling.

Register: Marriage 911

April 9, 2018 Picking Up the Pieces (Women)

Picking Up the Pieces is a women’s care group who will support you through your separation or divorce.

  • Cost: $20/person
  • 7:00 PM in room A3 (five Monday evenings)
  • For more info or to register, contact

Register: Picking Up the Pieces

April 14, 2018 Marriage on the Rock

Come join us for a condensed 5-week video series for married couples. Leading marriage authority Jimmy Evans discusses practical real-life challenges and offers easy to understand solutions.

Register: Marriage on the Rock

We also have additional courses that run at different times of the year.

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Marriage Mentoring

If you are interested in being mentored or serving as a mentor to other couples, please sign up using the online forms below:

For more information, you can also contact Pastor Steve at

@Winnipeg West

Please watch our calendar for events as they come up or contact with any questions you may have.