Who We Are

Church of the Rock is a charismatic, interdenominational, evangelical church. We would define these terms as follows:

EVANGELICAL – Taking a literal view of the Scriptures and believing it is our responsibility to share the gospel by telling others about a personal need for Jesus Christ as their Saviour.

CHARISMATIC – The belief that the Holy Spirit is at work in the church today, empowering His people with supernatural gifts (such as healing and speaking/praying in other tongues, etc.) to help them with the task of sharing the gospel.

INTERDENOMINATIONAL – Rather than being aligned with any one of the traditional denominations, we have positioned ourselves to be home for people of a diversity of denominational backgrounds. We are, however, closely related to many evangelical churches in Winnipeg as well as affiliated with an association of other like-minded interdenominational churches, primarily in western Canada and the US, called LifeLinks.

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