Churchwide Campaign – 40 Days of Praise

Energizing our Private • Small Group • Corporate Worship

Get ready for 5 weekends of sermons and corresponding mid-week small group sessions:
  • Sept  17—”Praise Craze”
  • Sept 24—”Worship Warship”
  • Oct 1—”Choice to Rejoice”
  • Oct 8—”Thanks in Advance”
  • Oct 15—”The Dancing Fool”
All ages will be participating, as Kidz Rock, Threshold JR and High School Ministry will have the same focus!

SMALL GROUPS – sign up today!

Small groups will run for 5 weeks starting Sept 15th weekend (Saturday large group at Wpg South starts Sept. 14th).
Group Member Sign Up is now open!  You may wish to check if your current home group leader has already pre-registered you with their group. Otherwise, please click on the applicable button below to get started!

We are looking for Group Hosts for 40 Days of Praise!

  • H — Have a heart for people
  • O — Open up a place to meet (for 5 weeks: September 17—October 21)
  • S — Serve something to drink
  • T — Turn on the video & follow along with the workbook
It can be as simple as inviting 2 or 3 friends to join you!
Each host needs to attend one Training session, where…
  1. You will receive your Leader Guide
  2. You’ll receive training on the material and meet other hosts
  3. You’ll be assigned a Coach to support you
 Training Date:  September 9, 2017