200,000 Uganda Shillings

Three years ago Pastor Rwamakanda was devastated.  Having been a believer for 17 years, he started a local church in the community in which he lived.  The simple building which they called their church was built with woven sticks and mud, the roof was made with tin pieces that had already been used .  The church was growing in number, and then a wind storm came.  The roof was removed and left in a desolate heap of unusable twisted metal.  The pastor and the congregation were devastated.  Their dreams seemed smashed by the forces of nature.  Without a roof, the sun and the rain make it difficult to meet as a congregation .  In frustration the church members ceased attending the church, they disappeared into the hills.  They broke all contact with the local pastor.

Two years ago a team from Church of the Rock gave Pastor Rwamakanda 200,000 Uganda Shillings.  With this money he went back to his home area, a distance of 2 hours walk, and started to rebuild the roof.  This year the pastor returned to say think you.  The roof is up, the people have returned and there are now 70 members in the church.  His excitement was overwhelming as he jumped for joy, saluted me and gave praise and gratitude to the working of God. In appreciation the rebuilt church was named “Rock Church”.  Many of you helped to support the team that went to Uganda 2 years ago.  Thank you, you helped to re-establish this congregation.

200,000 Shillings restored hope to a pastor and a congregation and helped change the spiritual climate in a community.  200,000 shillings is only about $85.00 Canadian.  Small things can be used by our Lord in big ways.

Lord, may I always give generously to your kingdom so others may grow in you.