We’re Moving Forward – March 19 update

March 19, 2020 – 6:00 PM

Hello Church of the Rock Family,

I trust this email finds you safe, healthy and confident in faith!

When it comes to this coronavirus, we are responding to what is definitely a moving target. Fortunately for us, we have the technological capabilities to be able to deal with things and go online and do things a lot of other churches can’t.

So let me tell you how we’re going to continue on ministering through this time:

1. Church services are all moved online now

This week I will be preaching the message called “For Such a Time as This,” which will be very important for what we’re going through. At the scheduled time, on churchoftherock.live you will see the live stream of both worship and the message, and there is also a chat area where everyone can interact together. Not only that, but following the preaching there will also be an online presentation from Kidz Rock that your kids are really going to appreciate.

Here’s when (and where) our campuses will be online together for weekend services:

The giving aspect of our services is also simple to do online – just choose the “Give” link on the top menu of our website and follow the instructions there.

2. Daily at 7:30 PM – Church of the Rock PRIME TIME LIVE

Something which is really brand new for us is that we’re going to be coming online with something interactive every night at7:30 PM–we’re calling it “Prime Time Live.”

We’ve got some great mystery programming for you, with different things each night of the week, including Bible studies, prayer times, devotional times, etc. So check out the most current schedule at churchoftherock.live to see what’s coming up tonight.

(Hint: if you’re reading this on Thursday, get set to join us at 7:30 PM for a great devotional time with Pastor Keith and on our online hosts in the chat room!)

3. Stay Connected

It is important for us to figure out ways to avoid social isolation while we’re socially distancing. We don’t want to let despair set in—in all of these things we need to be people of faith, not fear, and by staying connected we can bring vital encouragement and care to one another.

Even though we don’t want our small groups to carry on in homes because of the risks involved, we’re equipping our Home Group leaders with communication tools so the groups can continue to do life together in this way.

We are in a time where we need to be prudent, but at the same time, let’s not fall into fear. Let’s be people of faith, let’s be people of hope, and let’s be encouraging others to connect relationally in whatever way we can.

Let us take a stand in this time and be a voice of hope to a world that is so fearful, for we have the greatest message of all!

God bless you, church. Let’s do this together and let’s move forward.

Pastor Mark Hughes


March 20, 9:20 PM

We’ve drafted a new online calendar to help communicate our schedule of online events and services.  If you’d like to take a look, please go to UPDATES in the top menu and drop it down to show “Current Calendar” … or just click the button below.

Current Calendar

You may also want to check your campus online bulletin for more details.