A Good Neighbour

It is supposed to be a beautiful day this Saturday!  The snow is melting, and spring is in the air.  Last week was a fairly quite week.  The team was able to do some ice chipping on some sidewalks and once again had someone offer to pay them for the task.  As always, we told them that is not the reason we do this.  Our whole reason for helping them out is to be a good neighbour.  Jesus described what a good neighbour looks like in Luke 10:29-37.

Jesus was asked who my neighbour is.  He responds with the parable of the good Samaritan that we are all familiar with.  We have an opportunity to do exactly what Jesus was telling these people to do in Adopt-a-Block, but we need your help to do that.  We are still looking for at least a dozen more people who are willing to come out once a month.  Are you that neighbour we are looking for?  Let me know if you feel like God is challenging you to take advantage of this opportunity.