Little Johnny goes into the living room and asks his Dad the question; “Where did we come from?”  His father tells him we evolved from monkeys.  He then heads into the kitchen and asks his mother the same question.  She responds, “We were created in the image of God”.  “But Dad just told me we evolved from monkeys”,  little Johnny contested.  His mother calmly explained, “Hey, he’s telling you about his side of the family, I’m telling you about mine.”

Up until the so-called Scopes Monkey Trial in 1926 it was illegal to teach anything other than creationism in American public schools.  The trial was a watershed moment and today not only is creationism not taught in virtually any public schools but evolution is taught as a fact not as a theory.  I would hardly expect the the public school system to do otherwise.  After all, what do secular educators know about creation?  No, my beef is with the vast number of Christians that have bought into the lie.  Professing to be wise, they became fools,  and changed the glory of the incorruptible God into an image made like corruptible man––and birds and four–footed animals and creeping things.  Rom 1:23-24  The apostle Paul was probably talking about idols but the comparison to evolution works perfectly well. 

Many Christians are in a way embarrassed by creationism.  Having been bombarded by secular thinking for years, the idea of the heavens and the earth being created in six days and man coming from the dust of the ground, seems fairy tale-like to say the least.  It seems to fly in the face of the mountains of scientific evidence that the earth is billions of years old and that the species all seem to have flowed one from another.  The big problem of course is there is nothing objective about today’s science.  All the evidence they collect is now interpreted based on the presupposition that evolution is a fact.  It is actually a belief system; a kind of secular faith that many spend an enormous amount of time and energy trying to defend.  Never mind that after all the years and the millions of dollars spent, they still have never found a single convincing ‘transitional form’ (a sub-species that clearly links one species to another).  If various creatures evolved one into another, then these transitional forms should have been discovered somewhere along the line, but they haven’t been.  The lame explanation is called ‘punctuated evovlution’.  Meaning, that the species didn’t gradually evolve, but jumped from one form to another so quickly that the transitional forms are too few to be found in the fossil record.  Oh please, what do they take us for?  

I’ve always contended that evolutionists have far more faith than creationists.  They need to believe that a lifeless planet floating in the void of nothingness spontaneously exploded into biological life.  Then out of the primordial ooze, driven by upwardly mobile ambition, we just kept on upgrading from one celled, to multi-celled, to aquatic, to land mammal, to primate, to humanoid, to land line, to cell phone, to Blackberry, to Bluetooth…Wow, now that is an extraordinary level of faith.  

Let’s face it, it is a whole lot easier to believe that a supreme God used his supernatural power and created the whole thing. It is not hard to see what many are now calling “intelligent design”.  It is all just too magnificent to be an accident.  We are amazing creatures that can love and care for each other, think abstractly and live in an almost incomprehensible universe that can meet every human physical need we can think of.  If science could ever start to get truly honest, they would begin to see all the signs point to an intelligent creator.  Consider this.  Having mapped the human genome they have discovered that all males’ DNA can be traced back to one man around the time of Noah.  Makes sense, we started over again with Noah.  But… all females’ DNA somehow goes back farther.  Remember, Noah’s son’s three wives were not related to Noah.  The female lineage goes all the way back to Eve.  Anthropolegists are well aware of this oddity but never talk about it because they have no explanation.  We do.  The story of the bible has always been reliable. 

If we are going to start questioning the historical and scientific accuracy of the scripture then what else are we going to choose not to believe.  It’s time for Christians to become aware of this amazing owner’s manual we have called the Bible.  All other textbooks pale in comparison.