A Warm and Sunny February

Who can believe this weather?  Only in Winnipeg can it go from frostbite in seconds, to above zero in a matter of days!  Not that I am complaining, it is going to be a great weekend.  If you have been waiting for it to warm up to come out to adopt-a-block, then this is your weekend.  We need your help to be able to show a strong presence in the community.

Last week was a little bit of a challenge.  I was a little worried at first because of the big snow fall that we had, but many people already had their walks done.  The challenge we ended up having was that there was just two of us.  We went out anyways and just as we finished shovelling the walks on the first block, a family from the church showed up to help with the second.  It was such a blessing.  We shovelled several more walks and even though there were not very many of us, we were still done by 11:45 PM.

Missionfest is being hosted at the church this weekend which means the Multi-Purpose room is being used by them this Saturday.  We will instead be meeting in A2 (up by the offices).  Come out and help us show a strong presence in our community.