Nov. 25th – Weekly Update

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There is no mistaking that winter is now here. Last week at the writing of this email, we still had no snow, but by the weekend, there was tons. We shovelled a whole bunch of sidewalks and driveways last week. For people on the second block, this is our first winter with them and some of them were pretty shocked to see us come out and clear their snow for them. That is always a good feeling. We were able to clear all that snow, and still be done by 11:30 AM.

As you can tell if you have braved the outdoors, there is lots of snow out there. This week will probably be spent shovelling again. Last week we had a home group join us which made it possible to
be able to clear all that snow and still be done at such a great time. This week we do not have any groups joining us and as such, we need your help. The more people the better. It becomes very easy to do the work when there are several people all chipping in to make it happen. We always have fun, and in the process, end up sharing God’s love with the people in our neighborhood. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!


P.S. If you are part of a small group and your group has not come out to Adopt-a-Block yet, figure out a day that would work for you to join us, and send me an email letting me know the day that you would like to come. It is a great team building experience.

Time & Place
Church of the Rock
Multi-Purpose Room
9:30 AM

Things to Bring
Warm Clothing