Ask Them What Happened

Having completed our first actual full day on the field, much was accomplished,  the people of Ibaare were excited about the team from Church of the Rock coming.  The people and leaders were encouraged, the word was preached, God was seen as “greater” than situations.  People with hurting hearts offered forgiveness to their offenders.  In the evening before showing part of a Moses video we took time to pray for people in the area of healing.  This is something that we would normally do at some time in our meetings.  Knowing that there would be many needs amoung the 500+ people, we knew that we could not pray individually for everyone.  Past experiences showed that personal prayer for this large of a group meant unended prayer with little else being accomplished because the needs are so many.  So the focus was group prayer.  Starting with all the ailments in the neck and head vicinity; then the arms, shoulders, chest, stomach and to the waist; then the lower abdomen, the hips, the legs, knees, ankles, and feet.  We had those with needs in those areas stand up, while those who were around laid hands on the people as prayer was made.

After each section we asked people if they felt that God had touched them and if so they should raise their hands.  The results were the same as at other locations.  Hands were up everywhere.  It seemed like everyone who asked for prayer had their hands in the air.  Now at other times I had often wondered if they really understood the instructions.  I often thought, “Perhaps they thought they should raise their hands if they still needed healing, because there were so many that responded.”  You could tell by the smiling faces that something happened.  This time the thought came, “Ask those with upraised hands what happened?”  We endeavoured to do so but the numbers were so large only a few got interviewed.  People shared how God touched them in areas of: one deaf ear, head aches, sore throats, stiff shoulders, immobile arms, many with pain in the stomach, a fallen uterus, hard testicles, painful and stiff hips, painful legs,  and unbending knees, were healed.  This is a rough list as for many of these issues there were multiple people healed. Many people were healed before we even got to praying for their area of need.  Then there were the other multitudes that we didn’t interview.   As we prayed over one area of need, people were still streaming into the building saying, “You just prayed for my area of need I was outside and I missed getting prayed for, will you pray again?”  The answer was, “Yes, but just wait.”

In the end we prayed one all encompassing prayer for those that still had not obtained their healing in the area of need. Following the prayer, we again asked how many were touched by God and if they knew that God had healed them.  Over half of these people responded saying that they too were healed.  There was great excitement over this great God who loved and cared for them.  Of course following with an alter call was the next step, allowing these people  to respond in a greater way to the God who cares and heals for them.

In the midst of this I want to say, “Thank you for helping through your finances, and thank you for your prayers.”  Let God work through you.  The same God that is with us here in Africa, is there with you also.