Desiring Honor from People Affects our Faith

We want to be people of strong faith for we know that through faith great things are done (see Hebrews 11), but do we realize how much our faith is diminished when we seek honor and recognition from others.  People are important but how often do we seek and yearn for their affirmation?  In John 5: 44 Jesus says “How can you believe , who receive honor from one another, and do not seek the honor that comes from the only God?”  How can you believe, i.e. have faith when you seek honor from others.  In reality our seeking of the approval of others, our doing things so we are affirmed by others and our reactions and emotional hurt when others do not approve of us, shows that we are building our lives on the wrong foundation.  People thinking well of us, or giving honor to us is not the problem, the real issue is: do we seek the recognition from them, or is the recognition from the Lord the most important thing?

Lord help us, we are so easily swayed by the opinions of others, we want them to be pleased with us, we want their recognition and affirmation, but Lord help us to desire your honor and to seek to please You above others.