Earthly to Heavenly

In simple terms, death could be seen as separation from God (possibly hell) and life is eternity with God (including heaven).  1 John 3:14 says that “We know that we have passed out of death into life, because we love the brothers. Whoever does not love abides in death.”  This verse says the extent of our love for others indicates where the perspective of our values is influenced. It is easy to focus on what we want, our needs, and our situations.  Yet this scripture says that an indication that we have passed out of the side of death is seen because we are able to love others.  Our natural, i.e. carnal or unredeemed nature, tends to be self focused and causes us to be self consumed.  Our care for others, our concern for the welfare of others, even when it would be easier to be caught up with ourselves, is an indication of where our values are.  As we embrace values from heavenly perspectives we are able to lay aside our earthly perspectives.  This changing of our value system from earthly (death) to heavenly (life) takes time but God brings it about as we submit to His Spirit and Word.

Lord, we so often think only about ourselves.  Would you help us walk in more of your heavenly value system so that our actions will more completely show that we have passed from death to life.