If you have never visited Church of the Rock in Winnipeg, Easter is the time to come.  We spend months preparing the most outrageous presentation of the Easter story we can dream up.  We’ve done a Star Wars Easter with a visit from Darth Vader, and a Star Trek version aboard the USS Easterprize.  We were the top story on the Global national new that year.  I was Captain Kirk of course.  There are some roles that can only be played by one person.  Last year we did Pirates of the Galilean.  I was Captain Barbossa.   Here’s a 2 minute video to give you the idea.

This year we are doing Robin of the Hood.  Set to the music of Michael Jackson, Robin and his band of Merry Men go on an adventure to discover the true meaning of Easter.  Services are at 9:25 AM and 11:25 AM and you do not want to be late or you will likely miss most of it …if you get a seat at all.  You’ll just have to show up to find out what part I play.  Oh, and I’ll be preaching the sermon “THRILLER”.   I hope to see you Easter morning.  He is RISEN!