Easter Invitation

Last week was an interesting week.  In last week’s post, I started off by saying that the snow was behind us, but as you are well aware, we ended up getting snow again on Friday evening.  It did however present us to opportunity to serve our neighbourhood once again.  We were able to clear a whole bunch of sidewalks and also were able to spend some time chatting with people.  Last week everyone in the blocks received our Easter Invitation in the mail.  This week we are going to be handing them out and giving the personal invitation.  Please pray that God would prepare people’s hearts and that they would be receptive to coming out to church this Easter!

We are still in need of more people to commit once a month to Adopt-a-Block.  If that is something you are willing and able to do, please contact me so that I can put you on the schedule.  There are many people on our block that do not have a relationship with Jesus.  They need to know and see that He loves them.  That He paid the ultimate price so that they can have life and life more abundant.  Adopt-a-Block is a practical way for us to show them that very thing.  It will change their life … and yours!