As I sit in my summer cabin on my vacation in the middle of July I am under a blanket and the outside thermometer reads 9 C.  Global warming!  Promises, promises!

I am well aware that you cannot judge a global trend from anecdotal evidence gathered from one’s little dot on the planet.  Others, like my wife, will think I have no business commenting on matters outside my expertise in the first place.  When has that ever stopped me before?  Actually, my whole point of this blog is to discuss things that might not be ready for prime time.  My explicit goal is to speak my mind on controversial issues and get us thinking.  I don’t mind if people take issue or not.  It’s not about always agreeing, it’s about the free exchange of ideas.

I’ve never believed the hype about global warming.  When I have made even vague reference to that in sermons I have received quick and sometimes severe reaction.  I usually just joke about it saying, “Hey, I live in Winnipeg…we are praying for global warming”! 


By now everybody has seen Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth.  I rather enjoyed it and was impressed by how interesting the otherwise dull Al Gore was.  But an Oscar and a Nobel Prize was a bit much.  Who could not be alarmed by the images of huge chunks of glacial ice melting and calving into the sea? 


The fact is that is what glacial ice does when it reaches the ocean and ironically since the film was made the earth has been in a cooling trend.  The planet has been cooling down since 1997 and the polar ice in many areas is growing.


Much has been made about the Northwest Passage opening up for the first time ever.  Really?  Some conveniently forget their history.  The NW Passage has been traversed many times.  In 1906  Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen sailed it in a converted 47-ton wooden herring boat, just in time to escape creditors seeking to stop the expedition.  (And yes I know he had to over-winter in the ice, but the passage still opened up in the summer to enable his passage just the same). 


Around 1000AD the Arctic climate was much warmer than even now and the Norsemen freely sailed the Arctic.  Radioactive testing has shown that the ocean temperature was at least 1C warmer than today.  The Norse colonized Greenland which they called Vinland because it was actually green, at least in parts.  There was no manmade CO2 dumping into the atmosphere so there must have been a different explanation.  Then during the Middle Ages we had a “Little Ice Age” and these northern colonies were no longer sustainable and disappeared.

Many reputable scientists agree that man is dumping an unprecedented and perhaps unhealthy amount of CO2 into the atmosphere.  However they do not all agree that that is the cause of global warming (or cooling).  The alternative explanation is the effects of cyclical solar activity.  The planet warms and cools in accordance with the ebb and flow of sunspots (the amount of solar energy that is emitted from the sun, which follows short, medium and long term cycles something like the stock market).


At the end of day I am a skeptic.  If it seems obvious, it’s obviously wrong.   I usually approach a subject with this in mind; if everybody believes something to be true, then it probably isn’t.  Do you remember the oil shortage of the 1970’s?  The world was running out of oil and industrial collapse was right around the corner.  Today there are hundreds of oil tankers filled with oil, floating offshore with no buyers at any price.  Do you remember Y2K?  All the world’s computers were going to crash January 1st 2000, the electrical grid was going to go down, food would disappear from the shelves and there would be anarchy and blood in the streets.  I made a bit of a statement on this to my congregation by emptying my fridge and hauling my firewood to the dump on December 31st…and not only survived, but lived to gloat about it.

I feel there are other motives behind the global warming movement… economic and political ones.  The selling of carbon credits is one of the biggest economic scams of our time.  It has nothing to do with the environment and everything to do with money.  Secondly, if you can keep the masses in a state of constant fear you can exercise political and societal control.  But that is a subject for a whole other blog.  I honestly believe it is a global conspiracy.  Yes, I know, a strong word, but one that fits the bill!

I believe in taking care of God’s creation.  We are mandated to do so (Gen 1:26-28).  I recycle, reduce and reuse.  But, I refuse to live in fear and will not buy into the Chicken Little political manipulation with which we are constantly being exposed and coerced.  What do you think?