God can use me?

It was a cloudy morning on Saturday but there were still many opportunities to show love to our neighbors. There were five of us but we were able to do some lawn maintenance and clean-up around the two blocks. We were able to have conversations with some people but one conversation really stood out.

One person stopped to have a lengthy conversation about Religion and made it clear that he believed in Hinduism. He talked about his beliefs on Heaven and how to get there as we were able to share what the Bible says about Heaven. The man listened as we shared the good news that Jesus chose to come to earth, die on a cross for our sins, and rose from the grave so that we can all have a right relationship with God the Father. The man’s eyes welled up with tears from hearing the Gospel message as another seed was planted.

It’s these type of stories that inspire me to continue coming out to Adopt-A-Block. We may not always have these opportunities each week with people but they do happen when we pray for them and make ourselves available for God to speak through us.

So come on out next Saturday. Bring your gloves, rakes, and see what God will do in you and through you.