Hearing Restored

Can you hear me? Can you hear me now?

At Power & Praise last night there was a time of prayer specifically for people experiencing hearing problems, be it deafness, ringing in the ears, distorted hearing, or any kind of hearing issue. Just before this, we heard a testimony from one the Uganda team members, telling us of how God has been doing miracles of healing (his story was specifically of a person having their hearing restored) over the past two weeks while our mission team was ministering in Africa.

Pastor Mark asked any missions team members who were present to come to the front of the room to pray for anyone who would want to receiving healing for their hearing.  Many people came forward to receive prayer, and we saw evidence in some cases that God had definitely touched and healed them.

“While I was being prayed for I got a tingling sensation and within seconds my hearing was fully back. I wanted to let you know and acknowledge God that I have been blessed once again. He has saved in many times and completely gotten rid of my addiction for hard drugs.”  (email received 30 mins. after the service ended)

For others, the proof of healing will come when they are again in the specific environments where they’ve had hearing problems before, and we are eager to know their stories too!

May God be praised!