Held Back

Getting a passport into another country is not always easy. I heard it is hard to get one into Canada. It seems like the Canadian Government wants to make sure that visitors are just that, visitors, that they actually do leave Canada and return to their home.  According to a pastor friend who has often traveled from his home in Africa to Canada, the question often asked when seeking a Canadian Visa is, “Do you have any immediate family back home? Do you have a business or property back home?” The understanding is that if the answer to the above questions is yes then one is more likely to return back to their county of origin and less likely to try to stay “long term” in the visiting country.

In Exodus chapter 10, Pharaoh tells Moses, yes the Israelites may leave Egypt to worship their God but only the men should go, and then later he consents to allowing the families to go but says leave your animals behind.  Pharaoh is not willing to let the children or the possessions go. He knows that these can be strong attachments to the heart.  He didn’t want the total nation to be involved in responding to God’s Kingdom.

It was okay for the adults to walk with God but don’t get the children involved. “Keep religion out of the education, the schools and the child rearing areas”.  It is okay to be religious, but don’t let your religion mingle into the workplace or your job.  “Keep religion and work separate.”  By not allowing God’s ways to infiltrate all areas of one’s life, the person and nation will always be in one level of bondage and true societal change will never take place.  For our country, our society to truly be liberated from the bondage that is upon it, there needs to be application of God’s ways to all areas of our lives and our society.

Lord, help us to have the wholehearted involvement of You in all areas of our lives.  Help us not to be intimidated but to live for you in our jobs, in the schools and in our communities.