High School Ministry – Back To School! Sept 13th

This week…

Kick-off in the corn.
Join us with a fun scavenger hunt for prizes and hanging out at the corn maze. We always meet at the church first!

HSM (Starting Gr 9-12)
Fri. Sept 13th Cost: $13
Meet at church @ 7:11pm
Pickup @ 10pm
*** Weather might CANCEL this evet! If so we will have our Pizza Party Event! ***

The week after that…

High School Ministry – Friday, September 21st from 7:11 – 10:00 pm
It’s the first game show and party of the year with your youth group! Win prizes, eat pizza, make new friends and relax or go crazy! It’s up to you!

The week after that…

Gross Out Night!
Sept 27th Friday 7:11-10:00pm
Can you handle the gross foods we have in store for you? If you can, you’ll win something NOT gross!


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