High School Ministry – October 12th – Catch Phrase

This week…

Catch Phrase
Friday, October 12th
7:11pm-10:00pm In Youth Room
The intensity and hilarity of Catch Phrase makes it worthy for a fun-fill Friday night. Winners, of course, are rewarded with some prizes!  Come join us and enjoy the night, make new friends, and learn something new about God.

Small Groups
Did you know we have HSM small groups in homes if you can’t make it Friday night or you just want more?  Take a look at your options!

Co-Ed Small Group
Monday’s from 7:30-9:30pm
North Kildonan Area
126 Hazel Dell Ave.
No Sign-Up Required

Girls Small Group
Run by Sun Hoffman
Series: Bad Girls of the Bible
Monday’s from 7:00-9:00pm
Richmond West
Starting In October
Sign-Up Required (respond to email)

The week after that…

October 19th – Friday – 7:11pm-10pm
COST : $12

With a rock-climbing wall, jousting, dodge-ball court, slack line, basketball hoops and volleyball court, SKYZONE is the place to have ridiculous amounts of fun together as a youth group!

The week after that…

October 26th – Friday – 7:11pm-10pm
A monster is on the loose in the church, you’re only way to defeat it is by finding all 3 parts of the flashlight!  Don’t get caught! Sounds easy? Did I mention it’s done in the dark? Join us as we play this fun game and start a new faith-based series called The Greatest.  It’s about the greatest commandment Jesus gave His disciples.


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