Threshold Jr – October 10th – Catch Phrase

This week…Catch Phrase Night!
October 10th – Wednesday – 7pm-9pm
When we play Catch Phrase on the big screen, things get a little bit crazy!  Square off against others to win some tasty prizes!  This will be our last part in our faith series about being rooted in Jesus!

The week after that…

October 17th – Wednesday – 6:45pm-9pm
COST : $11

With a rock-climbing wall, jousting, dodge-ball court, slack line, basketball hoops and volleyball court, SKYZONE is the place to have ridiculous amounts of fun together as a youth group!

The week after that…

Gargon! Gargon!
October 24th – Wednesday – 6:45pm-9pm
A monster is on the loose in the church, you’re only way to defeat it is by finding all 3 parts of the flashlight!  Don’t get caught! Sounds easy? Did I mention it’s done in the dark? Join us as we play this fun game and start a new faith-based series called Vital. It’s a series about following the Greatest
Commandment by loving God, others, and ourselves.



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