Threshold Jr – September 26th – Game Show

This week…

Threshold Jr Game Show & Prizes
September 26th
Wednesday – 7pm-9pm – Cost: FREE
Get used to the crazy, wacky, yet fun games we play on a Wednesday night!  And this night will be no exception! Join us and we hang out and start a new faith series on Jesus!

The week after that…

Giant Volleyball
October 3rd – Wednesday – 7pm-9pm
We like to go big at Threshold Jr and Giant Volleyball is just our style!  Bring friends and enjoy your time hanging out in the cage.  We continue with our faith series about Jesus!

The week after that…
Catch Phrase Night!
October 10th – Wednesday – 7pm-9pm
When we play this game on the big screen, things get a little bit crazy!  Square off against others to win some tasty prizes at youth!  This will likely be our last part in our faith series about Jesus!


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