High School Ministry Weekly February 8th

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This week…
HSM_RockNightLogo_WordsFebruary 12th 7:11pm-9:45pm
I like to call this the Threshold Classic!  We will be having both the Rock Night events alongside of small groups (just like we did 2 years ago)!  Our series is continuing with ‘Where’s My Faith In Life’s Biggest Questions?’  This series deals with current issues that youth go through today.  Snacks are provided!

The week after…
February 19th, 7:11pm-9:45pm
Youth Room
We are continuing our second small group DVD series called Christian.  It promotes what authentic faith looks like and we get a new way to look at the word ‘Christian’.  It’s fundamental but incredibly profound – anyone can get it.  Snacks will be provided as per usual!

The week after that…
January 26th – 7:00pm-10:00pm
Cost: $18.00
2 Waiver Forms Needed

Online Waiver: http://www.skyzone.com/ca/winnipeg/Online-Waiver
HSM Waiver: churchoftherock.ca/hsm-forms
Dodgeball, volleyball, basketball, foam pit – all on trampolines!  Is it starting to sound fun yet?  Bring out your friends as we go jumping at Skyzone!

Save the Date!

YC Manitoba!
March 18th-19th @ Evangelical Free Church
Register before Feb 3th – $115
Register From Feb 4th to March 9th – $130
Register March 10th to March 19th – $145
PDF Registration (send to Mathew): Click HERE
email: mathew@churchoftherock.ca

Concerts, workshops, games, and incredible messages all focused at youth ages.  It doesn’t get much better than this when it comes to youth conferences.

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