High School Ministry Weekly November 7th

This week…
Human Curling

November 11th @ 7:11-10:00pm – FRIDAY
Personally, I always thought curling was boring…until I saw HUMAN CURLING.  Our small groups will be battling again for snacks during the discussion period.  Come and bring friends!  We will be exploring our second part of our No Filter Series!  It’s Nov 11th, not a mistake!

Next week…

Glow Bowling
November 18th @ 7:00-10:00pm – FRIDAY
Cost: Approx $7 for the evening!
The best part about glow bowling is the bowling BINGO!  Maybe your favourite part is the shoes…probably not.  Bring your friends and lets see who champ is.  You’ll have to beat me because I am the current champ.

The week after that…
Human Space Invaders
November 25th @ 7:11pm—10:00pm
Kind of like dodgeball, kind of like space invaders, kind of REALLY FUN.  Visit us in the cage as we worship and finish our series called No Filter!


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