High School Ministry Weekly October 24th

This week…
October 28th @ 7:11-10:00pm – FREE

Partner up with your small group team to win challenges for the coveted BEST Small Group trophy and tasty snacks for small groups.  We start our new series called No Filter.  We talk about what our faith can teach about our modern lives.

Next week…
Movie Night/SMASH BRO’S TOURNAMENT/Catch Phrase
November 3rd @ 7:11-10:00pm – FREE
There is a Youth Leader’s conference on Friday at our church, so we are going to chill in the youth room and watch a movie.  We’ll have a Super Smash Brothers Tournament as well as multiple games of Catch Phrase!  How often do you get the whole youth room for 2 hours?  Perfect time to bring a friend to check out our space!

The week after that…
Human Curling

November 11th @ 7:11-10:00pm – FRIDAY
Personally, I always thought curling was boring…until I saw HUMAN CURLING.  Our small groups will be battling again for snacks during the discussion period.  Come and bring friends!  We will be exploring our second part of our No Filter Series!  It’s Nov 11th, not a mistake!


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