I Am Cherished, Valued And Loved

One of the driving forces within humans is the need to be valued, the need to be cherished, and the need to be loved.  Individuals will tell jokes, spend money, give of themselves, seek job positions, or do or say various things  so that they will feel valued or loved.   In the Song of Solomon Chapter 6:5 the Shulamite Damsel makes a simple yet deeply affirming statement, “I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine.”
Though her beloved was distant from her; perhaps off to the garden, gathering spice, feeding the flock or getting flowers, yet she was confident in the relationship that she had with her beloved.  There was an unshakable mutual commitment which existed and this commitment presented itself in a healthy composure and stability within the Shulamite
The Shulamite and her beloved can be seen as a picture of us and the Lord Jesus.  God’s desire for us would be that we would be so secure in our understanding of His love for us, that we would be unshakable in all that comes before us.  There should be this constant awareness that “I am God’s”.  I am a part of His plan. He is near to me, and therefore all will be well.  In a similar, non-controlling way “God is mine.”  I can hold onto Him.  I can draw life, encouragement and purpose  from Him.
Start to open your life up to the Lord Jesus, let the understanding of His love and His desire for an unconditional commitment strengthen you, because you are His and He is yours.