I Am His

The book of Song of Solomon is considered a love poem, however in a spiritual sense, it represents the pursuing relationship between the church, believers, and The Lord Jesus.  The Shulamite would represent the believers, the beloved, the King, represents Jesus Christ.  This relationship is also seen in Ephesians Chapter 5 where it talks about Jesus giving His life for the church, His bride.

“My beloved is mine, and I am His”, Song of Solomon 2:16.  The Shulamite is comforted with the knowledge that she has the King as her own and that the King has her.  The Shulamite could boldly say before others within Jerusalem, “I am His”.  I.e. that, “The King has chosen me, He loves me, He delights in me, He wants me for Himself”.  At the same time she may boldly say, “He is mine”, i.e. “I have got a hold of the King, I have a portion of His heart, I have a relationship with Him, we are close in heart and value, He wants to be with me and I want to be with Him.”

This would be where we should see ourselves and our relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.  We should see that He is mine, and I am His.  Not that we control or manipulate God in some way, but rather that I am completely secure in the relationship with God.  I am fully committed to this relationship with Him and He also is fully committed to the relationship that He has with me.  “I am His and He is mine.”

Lord Jesus ,thank You for the comfort that these words give to me.  At times we may not seem close, but You are wholly committed to me; how wonderful You are!