Interesting Week

Last week was an interesting week.  On the one hand, it could be disappointing, but on the other hand, God still did some neat stuff.  For the first time this summer, we had only one person (the leader) show up for AAB.  In previous summers, that happened several times, but this summer we have had great attendance all summer, until last weekend.  Of course that makes it near impossible to accomplish much on the block.  Somehow, even with the limitations mentioned, God was still able to move.

We were able to pray with two separate people, one for a safe pregnancy and one for healing.  We also were able to help pull some weeds in a flower bed.  Even though we were severely limited in what we could do, God was able to use us.  It is so amazing how God can take us in our weakness, and still does something amazing!  Who knows the effect the prayers will have on those people.