Is AAB part of your schedule?

We were able to help lots of people last week!  We mowed over 10 lawns and helped remove an old stump from someone’s yard (the stump apparently was quite stubborn).  It is always exciting when we are able to help people.  The people are so appreciative of what we are doing, and I know that it is making an impact in their lives!

We are looking for more people who would be interested in signing up to come out to adopt-a-block once a month.  We now have a schedule for people who have said yes to once a month.  We do however still need a few more people to sign up on the schedule so that we can have a full team out every week.

Probably the most common comment I get from people in the church is that they keep meaning to come out to Adopt-a-Block, but for one reason or another it never works out.  Here is my thought on that, unless you actually schedule something, it usually does not happen.  So why not schedule this into your life.  It is only once a month and only a few hours once a month at that.  Obviously if you find that at some point this is not working for you, you can simply let me know I will remove you from the schedule right away.

If you are interested send me an email or leave a comment below and I will get you set up.