It’s warming up again!

It almost seems like it is warming up just in time for Adopt-a-Block these last few weeks.  It is once again supposed to get around to 0 degrees Celsius this weekend.  This of course means we will once again have some great weather this coming Saturday.  Last week, although the weather was great, we only had two people come out to adopt-a-block.   We shovelled quite a few walks and were able to spend some time chatting with some of the people who live on our blocks.  The warmer weather always allows for more opportunities to get to know the people on the block.

I want to give you the opportunity to consider helping make adopt-a-block and even greater success.  I know there are many people in our church who have a heart to share/show the love of Christ with those around us.  That is exactly what Adopt-a-Block is all about.  We are in the beginning process of putting together a schedule of people who would be willing to make a commitment to come out to adopt-a-block once a month.

Would you be willing to pray about it and see if that would be something God would lead you to do?  I will talk more about it in the weeks to come, but if that is something that peaks your interest, make sure to touch base with me about it.  Thanks,