Jesus Started The Conversation

In John chapter 4, Jesus asked the Samaritan woman at the well for water.  He started the conversation.  Jesus was about to start leading this woman into an adventure, she was looking for many different things to bring fulfillment.  There were needs within her.  She needed water, but that wasn’t the issue, she thought that she needed men, and had lots of them but that too was not the issue.  There was something more that she didn’t realize she needed.  Jesus was about to reveal it to her, which became a life changing experience.
So Jesus pursues her with a request for water.   Jesus initiated this conversation to bring the woman to a place of where she needed to be emotionally and spiritually, for the purpose of Jesus revealing Himself to her. Jesus uniquely worked in this woman’s life.
Jesus was stirring in this woman’s situations. The challenge is, are we looking in opportunities and situations for where our Lord might be stirring something, are we anticipating that He would be doing things.  If all things work together for good, and for the furtherance of the Gospel should we not be anticipating Jesus to be working within us to bring us closer to Him, as the start of a fresh adventure with Him?  How is God showing that He is pursuing us?  What is He doing or what will He do to start this?
The woman at the well was looking for the wrong things in her life, she longed for satisfaction but she was distracted by other things which did not satisfy.  Are we looking at the wrong thing?  Are we living on the edge of the life changing experience that God has for us, but not even aware of what we need?  Are we taking the time to be with Jesus so that He can reveal that next experience to us?