Like a Mother

It is so easy to be sharp and irritated with those that seem like they don’t hear us, they don’t seem to understand, or they don’t want to understand. Often it seems like the closer the person is to us the more disappointed we feel towards the individual’s conduct. Frustration can easily rise within us as the individuals seem to deliberately resist what we know is so true and clear.  The apostle Paul talks about his relationship with the Thessalonians. In 1Thess. 2:7 Paul says, “But we were gentle among you, just as a nursing mother cherishes her own children.”  Nursing mothers have great compassion for their crying children. There is an understanding that these little ones are struggling through something; it might be hunger, a dirty diaper, intestinal gas, teething, or other issues. Though the mother might not know what the issues are, yet there is patience and gentleness.  In a similar way we might not understand why people are responding or not responding as we would want them to, but is there gentleness towards the person or sharpness?

Take a moment to ask yourself, who irritates me?  Who frustrate me?

Lord, one fruit of Your Holy Spirit is gentleness, this should always be a part of our lives.  Help us to consciously exhibit gentleness to all that are around us, especially to those who irritate and frustrate us.