Maybe Nothing Happens

This morning our team divided into groups of two, plus a translator, and went up and down both sides of the main road of the community.  At  each shop and house they explained how they were helping at Pastor Jame’s church.  They shared how they were going from house to house asking people if there was anything that they wanted prayer for.  Of course there was no shortage of opportunities to pray for people.  Head aches, stomach problems, help with coming school exams, marriages, even in the open air bar the men stopped what they were doing and wanted prayer.  “At the Bar” one man mocked from the distance and the other man chided out that he should be quiet.  In one store, Marion, a Muslim lady, asked for prayer for a variety of needs.  The teams went on praying from door to door.  As their time for ministry was up and as they started back to the church, one of the interpreters went back to the places where prayers were offered and again invited each person to come to the free medical clinic or to the service in the afternoon or the evening “Jesus Video”.

In the afternoon Marion was present.  At the end of the service as she was leaving another local interpreter noticed that Marion was there and ask her if she would like to accept Jesus into her life and become a Christian.  “Yes, but not now,” was the reply.  “Why not now, we could prayer here?” asked the translator.  At 4:24 p.m. Uganda time (8:25 a.m. Winnipeg Time)  the angels in heaven rejoiced in a fresh way, as Marion invited Jesus into her life, a sweet smile was upon her face.  A Bible in her own language was given to her and she immediately started to read about this Jesus that she had just received as her Lord and Saviour.

Note the process.  Three people went door to door, there were no significant results; one person went and re-invited people to come hear about Jesus again with no immediate results; a message was preached followed by an invitation to receive Jesus, there was no affect; a believer  personally gives a one on one offer to accept Jesus and the offer is dismissed with a response of  “Maybe later”.  Someone paid for a Bible, having no knowledge of how it would be used. But in all of this God worked.  At any step one could say nothing is happening, but God was working.

Don’t quit because you don’t see results, God is working.  Lord we often don’t see the immediate results, but help us to press on, expecting that Your Word, when ministered, will not return void (Isaiah 55:11).