We have been having an amazing time these last several weeks.  Each week, we have had a group from the church come out to help us with the Adopt-a-Block ministry.  We have been able to have a strong presence in the community every week.  This week however, we do not have a group joining us.  We obviously want to continue to have a strong presence in the community, so we need your help.  Please consider coming out this weekend to share your faith in a really practical way with the people who live right next to us.

For us to be able to maintain the momentum we have had these last few weeks, we need people to come out on a regular basis.    Our plan is to have teams of people who will commit to coming once a month.  If we had a few dozen people sign up to come out only once a month, we would be able to achieve that goal.  Would you consider making that commitment?  Better yet, ask someone to do it with you!  Thanks for your consideration,