My Heart Is Fixed

Ps 108:1 “O God, my heart is fixed; I will sing and give praise, even with my glory.” (KJV)‬‬   In this verse when it says that “my heart is fixed”, it is not saying that the heart was broken and that a repair job was made on it, now rendering the heart affective, but rather that the heart has been firmly attached to something that is strong and secure.  It conveys the thought of “being made to stand erect”, “to be firmly established”, “to be confirmed’, “to be made ready”.   Some of the newer translations for this verse say that “my heart is steadfast” or “my heart is confident.”

Reading through the entirety of Psalm 108 we see that in response to a heart that is fixed, steadfast, and ready, the Psalmist wants to praise and glorify God.  In this psalm we see that there were still struggles from which God’s people needed to be delivered (vs 6) and at times it seemed like God was actually fighting on the side of the enemy (vs 11), yet there was a confidence that in God there would be a victory (vs 12).

In this psalm it becomes obvious that a fixed, steadfast or confident heart was not a consequence of there being no challenges or no opposition, nor was the heart fixed to overcome the difficulties of life.  Rather the heart was fixed, steadfast and confident because it rested upon something that was secure and unshakeable, God’s love and faithfulness, “for great is your love, higher than the heavens; your faithfulness reaches to the skies” (vs 4).

The trials and challenges of life have a tendency to overwhelm our confidence in God’s love and faithfulness towards us.  It is the steadfast, fixed heart that rests in the loving and faithful character of God instead of being dismayed by what is happening around us.  Lord, may our hearts always be steadfast in you, fixed upon Your strong unchanging love and faithfulness.