New Teams

I think I can confidently say that winter is behind us.  It is supposed to be a great day this coming Saturday!  Last week was a lot of fun.  We had 10 people out which turned out to be a good thing.  A lady asked us to clear the snow on her front sidewalk.  The reason it was a good thing was because that sidewalk had not been cleared all winter.  So it was quite thick and packed.  It took some time, but with some scrapers and a bunch of other shovels we eventually got down to the concrete.  People took turns chipping away and we got through it.  In all honesty, it was sort of fun!  Everyone had this sense of accomplishment after we cleared it away.

Spring clean-up will be just around the corner.  In a few weeks we will be picking up garbage and raking leaves.  We need your help to be able to accomplish that.  We now have teams who have committed to coming out one Saturday a month.  Currently the teams are still quite small.  We need at least another dozen people willing to make this commitment.  If you get excited when you hear about people being touched by the gospel, then this is for you.  It is so easy, one Saturday morning a month is all it takes.  Even if you just want to find out more information about this opportunity, contact me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.