Welcome to my brand new blog.

The more technically astute staff around here have been telling me for years that I need to start writing a blog.  They have been saying it is a great way to connect with people.  I said, “OK I’m in but I’m only going to do it if I can speak my mind.  No more holding back like I do on TV.”  They said, “You’ve been holding back?”  Well, not entirely but I get letters of complaint every week and I do try not to offend everybody at once.  So, what I am thinking here is to deal with some of the more prickly topics and speak to them plainly.   For some of you that may mean, no more Mister Nice Guy.

In a recent episode I mentioned that a few years ago the House of Commons changed the 6000 year old definition of marriage with the stroke of a pen.  I received many letters on both sides of the issue.  This was one from a typical, misinformed, politically correct, I believe everything I hear on the TV news, type.

Pastor Mark,

You say that politicians with a stroke of a pen changed the definition of marriage.  I couldn’t disagree more.  The issue of gay rights and same sex marriage has been an issue that has be fought with blood, sweat, tears, and trauma, and debated adnosium for the past several decades.

No mention of the fact that because of the Charter of rights and freedoms, same sex rights (including marriage) have been upheld by all courts in this country, including the SCC, so the politicians where simply catching up with these basic human rights

Please continue to spread the message of love, respect, good decisions, education, effort, and a law abiding population, but refrain from those comments that simply degrade and minimize people currently living in loving same sex marriages.  We have enough hate in the world, spread the words of love, caring, and compassion.  We need more of that.


One of the cheapest forms of political debate is to just try to end the argument by labeling someone a racist, bigot or hatemonger.  I have little patience with this tactic.  If there is one thing the Charter of Rights and Freedoms does guarantee, it is freedom of speech.  I decided a long time ago I wasn’t going to let people tell me what I can and cannot say for fear of being labeled.  As a diverse cultural and religious nation there is no way we are all going to see issues the same way, but no one has the right to say you are a hatemonger just because you do not agree ideologically with them.  The most fundamental aspect of democracy is the ability to debate the ideas without being shut down because it is not politically correct.

When people say the church is motivated out of “hate” because we disagree with same sex marriage, they are the offenders of freedom.  The church is merely holding up 6000 years of human tradition not to mention the unequivocal biblical standard on the subject.

Abraham Lincoln once said “the Bible is the best gift God has given to man for without it we would not know right from wrong”.  For those of us who have committed our lives to study and teach the scriptures, we cannot simply disregard the parts that are no longer culturally popular.

The Supreme Court of Canada made a serious judicial error when they upheld same sex marriage.  The Charter of Rights does not include sexual orientation as a fundamental human characteristic and during the entrenching of the Charter in 1982 the Trudeau government specifically stated it would never be extended to include same sex marriage.  So, in fact, it was imposed upon on the Canadian public by Parliament under false pretenses and therefore I stand by my comment that the definition of marriage was changed with the stroke of a pen.

Having said that, I would still stand alongside the homosexual community to fight for their right to be treated equally as human beings.  Marriage, however, is the exclusive domain of one woman with one man.

Pastor Mark Hughes