One Family at a time

It looked like it was going to rain last week, but it held off and ended up being nice outside.  We had an amazing time.  One of the church home groups came out and was such a blessing.  We hauling a huge amount of garbage away as well as raked several yards.  People were very appreciative of all the work we did.

We were also able to spend some time chatting with some of the people on the blocks and invite them out to Mother’s Day.  We had one family that said they had been planning on coming to church these last few weeks to check it out, but the weather had not been cooperating and so had not made it out yet.  When we told her that we had a little gift for all the mothers, she said they were definitely going to try and make it out to church this time.

We will most likely be doing some more raking this week.  Come on out, bring a friend or family member and have a great morning serving the people of our community!