Parenting Teens: Contract Pack


So are giving you these contracts?
We don’t want you to try to manipulate your teenager’s behavior with a document…
We don’t want you to think you can sue your teenager if they breach this contract…
We don’t have any illusions that just because your teenager signs this document they
will magically be able to perform perfectly.

That’s not at all why we created these contract. In fact these are not contracts at all. They are communication tools. You see whether you believe it or not, there is a negotiation happening in your home every day.
Your teenager wants freedom. You want to give them freedom, but the price for that
freedom is to earn your trust.  READ MORE

Included in this Contract Pack:

  • Parent’s Guide to the Contract Pack
  • Cell Phone Contract with Text
  • Cell Phone Contract Template
  • Video Game Contract with Text
  • Video Game Contract Template
  • Home Alone Contract with Text
  • Home Alone Contract Template
  • Technology Contract with Text
  • Technology Contract Template

Download the contract files here: