Parenting Teens Online Class: Friends Part 1

Dear Parents,

I just want to encourage you this very minute. You are extremely important to your teenager whether they acknowledge it or not. Now with that being said, you need to know that you are probably being replaced as the “best friend” in their life. Some of you are shaking your heads as you read this , because you have already dealt with this very issue. One of the hardest things to understand as a parent is how very important friends are to your teen and how not to take it personally when you aren’t the “go to” person anymore.

Talk to your teenager about their friends. Help them determine the qualities of a good friend. And remember , listen to what your teen has to say regarding friendship. They are smart and can be discerning if they aren’t shut down by all of the requirements that you have for prospective friends. You taught them about respect, and trustworthiness, and character. They won’t forget those lessons as they choose their friends.

Allow this to be a time when you can talk openly with your teenager about friendship. Allow them to be just as open. Sometimes it’s very easy to have expectations of your teen that you aren’t willing to have from yourself. Do your friend choices match up with what you are requiring of your teenager? They watch and often navigate down the same roads their parents have taken. Ask yourself if this would be a hard mirror to look in?

The video we are providing gives you great ideas on how to help your teen foster true friendships and learn how to be a true friend themselves. Just remember, you aren’t being replaced. It’s more like they are learning how to better appreciate you in later years. Ok, maybe it is being replaced for a short time. But they need a parent more than they need a friend right now anyways!

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