Power & Praise Sees “Exceptional Miracles”!

At Power & Praise last night, Pastor Mark challenged us to believe for exceptional miracles. Through the night we saw some tremendous supernatural healings!

  1. A lady who came in walking with a cane was touched by the Lord and left walking pain-free (WITHOUT using the cane)!
  2. A lady who hadn’t been able to run for 10 years ran a lap around the seating area – on replacement hips!
  3. A lady who hadn’t been able to run for 30+ years felt God’s healing power and ended up running a full lap around the auditorium and dancing on stage to express her praise and thanks to God. No more pain!
  4. Another lady had an instantaneous clearing of her lungs; she had previously struggled with trouble breathing and was unable to do any physical exertion at all. She, too, experienced God’s healing power and took a test run around the auditorium to confirm the change. We heard from her this morning that last night she had the best sleep in a long time!

There were other healings and more that God was doing that we didn’t have a chance to hear testimony of during the evening.

If YOU have a story to tell from last night, please write it in the comments below or email info@churchoftherock.ca to tell us about it and give glory to God!

Make plans now to attend our next Power & Praise night – mark your calendar for Nov. 22 at 7:30 pm!

Last night our curtained-off seating area was full and our vision is to open the curtains and see the whole auditorium FULL.  We believe we have only just begun to see what God is going to do!