Rod Bruinooge’s Roxanne’s Law (Further to A CRUEL HOAX ) will face it’s final vote on Dec 15th in the House of Commons.  If you have not signed his online petition please do so immediately and let your voice be heard.  SIGN PETITION HERE

I spent some time reading the Hansard record of the debate on the bill.  It was disturbing that the biggest objection was that many resented having to debate the abortion question and felt it was a closed matter that should never be discussed again.  Even Prime Minister Harper, who attends a bible believing church, says he will not support the bill because he refuses to entertain any attempt to re-open the debate.  What ever happened to freedom of speech and the open exchange of ideas?  The debate NEEDS to be re-opened because at the moment we have no abortion laws whatsoever.  Most thinking people, even non-christians or pro-abortionists, should realize there needs to be some limits on abortion.

In Canada it is legal to abort a baby at 8 months and 29 days of gestation.  As long as that baby is not out of the womb it’s very life is at risk.  It is an unconscionable legal state for a nation to be in and it needs be addressed legislatively sooner rather than later.  Rod’s bill is a responsible first step that should be supported even by the pro-abortionists if they really have any concern for women’s health, which they have argued all along is what motivates them. Unfortunately they are really a murderous lot that believe there is no cost too high to avoid being ‘inconvenienced‘ by an unwanted pregnancy.  Their short-sightedness sets the stage for a scenario where one day our nation could legalize euthanasia of the old and feeble who have become an ‘inconvenience’ to society… and guess what?  They will be the old and feeble.

An update on Birth or Not.  ( A CRUEL HOAX )

The ‘happy’ couple are going to keep the baby.  Personally I regard them as amongst the most irresponsible and despicable parents on the planet and they should have the baby taken away and given to a couple that actually respects human life.  It turned out that most of the votes to have an abortion were fraudulent and 74% of the people that actually voted honestly believed that life was worth preserving.  Maybe there is hope for us yet!

Total votes: 278084
Give Birth: 73.79%      (205,189 votes)
Have an Abortion: 26.21%  (72,895 votes)

This is quite the change from the original vote numbers:

Give Birth 22.37% (448,777 votes)
243,588 Fraudulent votes

Have an Abortion 77.63% (1,557,586 votes)

1,484,691 Fraudulent votes