The Best Gift

Thinking back, what was the best gift that you have received?  Was it your first bicycle, a doll, a diamond ring, the love of a spouse or a child?  No doubt there are many good gifts.

In John 3:16 we have a very familiar verse which many can quote by memory.  “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”  When God considered what was the best thing that He could give to us, He chose to give us His Son.  Jesus Christ coming down to earth, with the option of Jesus Christ then living within us.

It is interesting that many times we would think or complain because “if God really loved me He would”: heal my body; give me a better job; provide money for the bills; work more in the situations around me; etc.  But instead of always doing those things for us, He gave the best thing which He had, He gave Himself.

The implications behind this action are phenomenal.   In the giving of Himself, God is not saying that the things we want and think that we need are not important, but rather that there is something better.  It also means that when we are feeling that perhaps God is not answering our prayers, or that He has been unjust or unfair in His working around us, then perhaps our disappointment is a sign that we are looking or focusing on the wrong things.   For in the midst of every situation God has more of Himself to give to us.  This is the best gift.

It is unfortunate that we can easily focus upon what we get from God, the promises of God, or the change that we want God to bring about, but we fail to focus upon the most important thing which we and all people can have, that is God Himself.

In the times of pressure, distress, loneliness or fear don’t look at what you are missing, but rather see what you have, Christ in you the hope of glory (Col 1:27).  Take a moment to reflect on how Jesus is the best gift and how that can affect your responses to situations around you.