The Enemies Plan

The snow is finally gone and as such, our focus begins to switch at Adopt-a-Block.  It is still a little early to do much raking as the ground is still quite wet, but we can help clean up.  What we usually end up doing is spending most of our time picking up garbage in the area, which is what we did last week and will most likely be doing again this week.  So bring gloves if you have some.  This really is the perfect season for families to come.  Everyone, no matter what age, can help pick up garbage.  Why not come out this Saturday and bring your family!

We also had an interesting run in with some Mormons last week.  They were out knocking on doors on our blocks.  Some of our team struck up a conversation with them.  Our team told them about Adopt-a-Block and what we do.  They ended up getting into a conversation about how our beliefs differ from theirs.  Things went well and after the conversation the Mormons ended up getting in the car and leaving.  It would seem that the enemy knows we are doing something good in the lives of the people there and he wants to try to steal that.  This fact just reinforced the fact that we are doing the right thing.  Showing God’s love through acts of service!